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Subsea Umbilical , Riser & Flowline (SURF) Decommissioning

Subsea decommissioning is a growing part of our activities, especially in Northern Europe where more and more subsea fields require decommissioning and abandonment. We have gained significant experience in the decommissioning of subsea umbilicals, flowlines and risers over the years, including a solid knowledge of local regulations which are closely controlling such activities in the North Sea. This enables us to support our client from both a technical and regulatory perspective.

Our scope of UFR decommissioning services includes:

  • Flushing/Cleaning of risers and flowlines using mechanical pigs, foam pigs or gel pigs pumped from topside in closed loop or in open loop using Subsea Pig Launcher/Receiver (SPLR).
  • Flushing/Cleaning of risers and flowlines using density-controlled pigging gel pumped from topside, from a support vessel using a downline, or by bull-heading into wells.
  • Flushing/Cleaning of umbilicals hydraulic and chemical lines by high-pressure pumping from topside, using in priority eco-friendly preservation fluids.
  • Post-flushing/Cleaning fluid sample analysis to ensure compliance with local regulations.
  • Subsea cutting and surface recovery of umbilicals, flowlines and risers.