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Subsea Pipeline & Structure Inspection

We design, manufacture and deploy non-intrusive ROV inspection tools enabling the measurement of remaining wall thickness and corrosion mapping of subsea structures (hulls, riser towers, offloading buoys…) and pipelines (flowlines, spools, rigid risers…) without any need for stopping the production. With regard to subsea pipelines inspection more specifically, we have developed two main ranges of tools, each of them meeting different pipeline conditions and objectives:


Poseidon APECTM is a range of screening tools deployed by work-class ROV. It uses an advanced electromagnetic technology to assess and map at 360° the remaining wall thickness of pipelines through thick coating (up to 150mm thick).
The range of Poseidon tools is declined in 2 main models: Poseidon X2 and Poseidon X6. Poseidon X2 is a compact two-probe unit designed for use on short sections of subsea pipework with difficult access, such as manifold, XT or well jumper pipework.
Poseidon X6 is a heavy-duty six-probe unit designed for use on long sections of pipework, such as pipelines and flowlines. It can scan 1m of pipeline at 360° in 2 minutes, and delivering the results in real time. It enables the scanning of long sections of pipelines within short timeframe. Our Poseidon APECTM tools are particularly interesting for cost effective and non-intrusive subsea pipeline inspection of coated and unpiggable pipelines. As they are operated without stopping the production, they are also relevant to inspect piggable pipelines with or without coating to ensure their integrity.


Poseidon UTTM is a high-definition corrosion mapping tool. It uses multiple-probe UT technology to map at 360° the remaining wall thickness of pipelines with an accuracy of +/-0.2mm. As a UT tool, it is intrinsically more accurate than the Poseidon APECTM, but it cannot scan through thick coating.

The Poseidon APECTM and Poseidon UTTM are complementary tools for subsea inspection solution, often used in combination with each other as part of a pipeline integrity management system. The Poseidon APECTM is first used as a pre-screening tool to identify critical areas of major WT loss along a pipeline or an entire field’s pipeline network. Then, if needed, the Poseidon UTTM can be deployed at these pre-identified areas for defining the exact shape, size and morphology of the defects once coating has been locally removed.