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Flexible Riser Annulus Testing & On-site Annulus Gas Analysis

We design, manufacture and deploy offshore an innovative range of Riser Annulus Test Packs (RATPTM) enabling to perform the following tests from one single portable unit:

  • Annulus Gas Sampling
  • Vent Port Flow Test
  • Annulus Vacuum Test
  • Annulus Free Volume Determination
  • Positive Pressure Test

Our RATPTM units are able to test two risers simultaneously and independently, making save significant time and costs for our clients. They turn annulus testing into a cost effective and reliable solution to determine flexible riser integrity. Our units are also extremely compact to be easily hand-carried on site.

In combination with our RATPTM test packs, we deploy advanced portable gas analysers enabling us to measure in real-time the composition of annulus gas on-site. Gas analysers bring key added value to our riser test services by providing essential information on the root causes of anomalies detected with our RATPTM test packs. They also promote more qualitative results than lab analysis as on-line/on-site analysis is done at the same P&T conditions as those of the annulus. They also make our client save significant time and costs by avoiding to keep samples under controlled P&T conditions and to ship them onshore for laboratory analysis.

Our RATPTM test packs and portable gas analysers benefit from a solid reputation within the industry for their quality of construction, efficiency and robustness. They have allowed us to become a leading provider of flexible riser integrity services worldwide.

Beyond our riser testing and gas analysing capabilities, we make our clients benefit from a unique database of riser operating conditions, remedial actions and failure analyses built up over the years. This enables us to deliver unrivalled fitness-for-service analyses consolidated with our return of experience on various other fields worldwide.