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Special Projects

We design, manufacture and install specific hydraulic and gas systems for special applications, as per client’s needs and requirements. Our special projects range from custom-made control panels, to complex hydraulic and gas generation units for nuclear or military applications.

Whatever the end application, we follow a very strict design development and verification process, and we pay the greatest attention at selecting only traceable and replaceable parts and materials from leading suppliers worldwide. This approach has allowed us to build-up a solid reputation for high-quality, “well thought-out” hydraulic and gas solutions, suitable for use in the most critical and harshest environments.

Here are some examples of our special projects:

  • Mobile, high pressure (25,000 psi), full stainless steel accumulator skid for an oil drilling equipment manufacturer.
  • On-site oxygen generation, compression and storage unit for a laboratory (as an alternative to an older, more expensive liquid oxygen unit).
  • On-site nitrogen generation, compression and storage unit for an oil production platform.
  • Large Atex chemical injection skid (8 HP pumps, 50m3 tank on a single 20-ton skid) for an important oil field. Full stainless steel and remote-control system.
  • Multi-pressure HP skid for hydrostatic testing of oil drilling equipment on site. Skid designed for testing large drilling equipment rated between 15kpsi to 60kpsi.
  • HP multiple hose reel skid with automatic respooling systems.