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Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

The purpose of HPUs is to generate and deliver high pressure hydraulic control fluid to hydraulic consumers, such as hydraulic actuators, hydraulic motors or stroke cylinders. HPUs typically include the following main pieces of equipment:

  • Control fluid supply and return tank(s)
  • Pump(s)
  • Accumulators
  • Filters
  • Control Instruments & Safety Systems

We design, manufacture and install skid-mounted and containerized HPUs for the offshore and marine industries, but also for a wide range of demanding onshore process industries.
Typical applications include the on-site generation of high pressure control fluid (eg: 5,000 psi and/or 10,000 psi) in manufacturing plants, refineries or offshore oil platforms to control hydraulic-actuated valves sometimes located tenths of kilometers away from the HPU.